Introduction and Objectives


  1. To create for the students of the University of Mumbai an additional avenue of self employment and also to benefit Industry by providing them with suitably trained persons in the field of Accounting & Finance
  2. To prepare students to exploit opportunities being newly created in the accounting & finance field.
  3. To provide adequate basic understanding about Accounting & Finance education to the students.
  4. To give adequate exposure to the operational environment in the field of accounting & finance
  5. To inculcate training & practical approach by using modern technology amongst the students in the field of Accounting & Finance.

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) B.A.F.

The University of Mumbai started the Bachelor of Commerce (accounting & Finance) course in 2003-04. The course not only aims at training students to gain knowledge in the fields related to Accounting & Finance but also leads to the all-round development of their personality.

The BAF course provides comprehensive training to students in the field of Accounting & Finance by way of interaction, projects, presentations, industrial visits, practical training, job orientation and placements. It is a perfectly designed full time course for aspiring Chartered Accountants & Financial Analysts.

Chartered Accountants / Financial Analysts are known to excel at analysing and understanding the financial structure of a company. They are expected to take the appropriate decision at the right time and ensure that the same are implemented properly. Such are the people required in today’s globally competitive market and such are the people that NM College produces in abundance.

The students are moulded perfectly to fit in with the requirements of an ideal Financial analyst / Chartered Accountant who knows how to make proper analysis, correct decisions, and most importantly to ensure the proper execution of the decision.

The faculty at NM College has understood the course completely to build a perfect platform for students and works as a friend, philosopher and a guide. N M College will definitely become a leading college offering the BAF Course.


Hence, if you have the zest and the endurance to face challenges, the passion to succeed and win and also to commit yourself to building a challenging career in Accounts & Finance with an international outlook, BAF is a course specially designed for you.


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